Week 8 – 12 Week Healthy Ageing Program

This week I stepped up to bat….. Although sports is not really my thing the crowd went wild as I took on the discussion around NLP and what is it? The session commenced with a description of NLP being Neuro Linguistic Programming  and how this behavior changing technique can help you become the best possible person you can..

Concentrating particularly on communication and how we internally represent the information that is fed to us, how we interpret it, the states that it causes within us and how it can affect our physiology and lead to how we behave or behaviours that we display as a result of the information we have processed. The group was handed a Representational Test that is designed to allow us to discover if we internally represent information in one of four ways, Visually, Kinesthetically (feeling), Auditory (sound) or Audio Digitally (facts and logic). This divided the group into 4 categories, to understand this meaning a little better an example of a visual person may say to you through a conversation “I see what you mean”, a Kinesthetic person “I feel as though I get it” an auditory person “that sounds good” or an Audio Digital person “I may need more information to be convinced”.

So we put the groups through an experiment where we had a Visual person selling a car to an Audio digital person and vice versa with each representational system to see if the message got across or was lost in translation…we heard and saw some funny conversations, this is really a handy technique for sales people to identify how a potential client internally represents information so that they both speak the same language…”so to speak”.  It was fun and interesting and the session was a hit and brought the group closer with a deeper understanding of communication.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and there are still places available for those that wish to attend…. 

                                                                                                                        David Patras

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