Week 4 – 12 Week Healthy Ageing Program

Attendance was high, a good sign of motivation because without it, all of you would not have made it. Well done everybody and a huge congrats to Wendy our clinical hypnotherapist for putting on an awesome presentation.


So… let’s begin by asking ourselves what really is motivation??? Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move towards a goal. Having said that, it becomes apparent of how hypnosis and motivation can work so well together.


Wendy led us through with an explanation of goals. Having us set our goals that gave us a direction to move our motivation for the hypnosis towards. We also had to look within to see the reasons as to why our negative thoughts can hinder our final outcome of reaching our goals. Once they had been recognized and written down we were made to rip it up, get rid of it and told we don’t need it.. what we needed was to focus on achieving our set goal. Wendy gave us a description of our conscious mind and our subconscious mind and how they both work. I did not know that our conscious consists of about 12% and our subconscious mind 88%, and as Wendy put it “if we join the two together we get 100% so linking the two gives us some great results, 100% can’t do better than that…”


From here Wendy began an informal induction, closing our eyes she began describing the noises in the external environment, children playing, footsteps, chatting in other rooms making us aware of things we may not normally notice, the whirring, humming noise of electricity or the faint creaking of noises coming from the roof, from here we were led into our internal environment where Wendy guided the depth of relaxation within us inducing trance…… At this point Wendy assisted us in focusing on our goal, inserting hypnotic suggestions to allow us to reach and achieve our goal, motivating us to achieve all that we wish to achieve by focusing on what we want and releasing our limiting/negative thoughts that can hinder our final outcome. Coming out of trance I felt a great surge of emotional lift and as I looked around the room I noticed all had a cheeky grin occurring like they were in deep thought, just like myself, a cheeky grin linked with thoughts of achieving the goal I had set…


Looking forward to seeing you all next week and there are still places available for those that wish to attend….           

                                                                                                                        David Patras

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