Week 3 – 12 Week Healthy Ageing Program

Firstly a big congratulations to all who attended and all who helped to make week 3 a success.

Attendance is growing every week which we are really proud of. Word seems to be spreading and to have new attendees then those words are surely sung in praise.

Jivko took over this week introducing everyone to Yoga – well those that haven’t experienced it before. But I must say Jivko’s style was a little bit different to the traditional sense of yoga. Jivko introduced us to Quantum Yoga, a dynamic flowing exercise suited to your individual needs and designed by yourself based on an effective and safe grouping and sequencing system. It’s a yoga path that resonates with your personal requirements at all times and balances your inner nature, to bring you into a state of greater harmony with the environment and it is also a spiritual system whilst embracing to maximise one’s power of conscious manifestation.  This session Jivko purely concentrated on breathing techniques and breathing exercises. Who knew? Rapid breathing in short bursts (head spin) luckily no-one fell over.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and there are still places available for those that wish to attend…. 

                                                                                                                        David Patras

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