Week 2 – 12 Week Healthy Ageing Program

Firstly a big congratulations to all who attended and all who helped to make week 2 a success.

We welcomed Heather Thorn from Alzheimer’s Australia with her Brain Matters presentation, this jaw dropping presentation covered material about the types of dementia, signs associated with the disease and who is at risk of being diagnosed with Dementia. Discovering the size of our brain and how the term plasticity came about, even down to the lifelike brain that Heather passed around. The following link is for Alzheimers Australia and their help sheets, this link specifically details “About the disease”…  https://fightdementia.org.au/sites/default/files/helpsheets/Helpsheet-AboutDementia01-WhatIsDementia_english.pdf

Once our mouths closed Heather took us onto outlining 5 simple steps to maximizing your brain.

  1. Keep physically active, do the walk take the stairs we all now what it is about…
  2. Social Engagement, by being socially active your mind is constantly being challenged.
  3. Look after your heart, it is critical for pumping oxygen around your body and especially to your brain.
  4. Mentally challenge your brain.
  5. Follow a healthy diet.

Afterwards we were introduced to an app called the BRAINYAPP, yes there is an app for everything. This app helps assist in monitoring your brain health, allowing you to begin creating a brain healthy lifestyle, of course the next 5 minutes was spent with everyone downloading the app as Heather wrapped up her presentation with an intense Q and A session. And yes everyone went out for a Nordic walking session on the grass.

For those unaware there is a have a go Nordic Walking session on Wednesday 10th June register your interest through our website www.allaboutahealthyou.com.au also all of the information that Heather presented can be viewed through the Brain matters website www.yourbrainmatters.org.au

Looking forward to seeing you all next week and there are still places available for those that wish to attend.

                                                                                                                                                                David Patras

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