Week 10 – 12 Week Healthy Ageing Program

“Introduction to Meditation”

On Friday July 31, 2015, I was invited to return to the Loftus Community Centre in Leederville, to present “Introduction to Meditation”, as part of the on-going “12-Week Healthy Ageing Program”.


The 1-hour Meditation session was billed as, …help you achieve your total zen allowing you to really become one with yourself and discovery of who you truly are…, and so that was my focus for the session: Meditation as a tool, and how we can use it to help us in our daily life. I pointed out the long list of health and wellbeing benefits to our physical, physiological, and psychological system and to our spiritual connection – bringing us into Oneness with our inner being and spirit (or Soul).

I spoke about the importance of cultivating Mindfulness as a daily (moment-to moment, breath-by-breath) practice to assist in achieving closer awareness of our consciousness, learning to stay present in our own life, and as a tool to alleviating stress, anxiety, tension, tiredness, depression, etc.


As a group we briefly workshopped four meditation exercises:

a 3-Minute Breath Relaxer; a Mindfulness Meditation; a Walking Meditation; and a Guided Visualisation. All these Meditations focused on the breath at the central core of our perception.


Walking Meditation can be difficult to do within a short time frame, but our participants engaged in the exercise with keen motivation, precisely and mindfully concentrating on each movement and the breath – letting go of distracting thoughts and concentrating with “one-pointedness” on the activity, which produces “clarity of thought and mastery over activities of the mind”, allowing the true Self to shine through (3C definition of Yoga: Patanjali YS-I-2).


The Guided Meditation exercise was a “Visualisation” piece and I took the group on a ‘journey’ to a tropical Asian rainforest. At the end, one participant offered her revealing and liberating meditation experience. She shared with us the joy of her ‘visualised’ journey… that of her walking around a beautiful lake in Croatia as a small girl.


Shanthi Bhavana

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