Terms & Conditions for Wellness Centre

Terms and conditions


  • Meet weekly for 1 hour in person or by phone,
  • Jointly develop a coaching plan based on the clients outcome
  • Coach agrees to facilitate plan but client has to agree to follow plan
  • Coach agrees to spend appropriate time in preparation for meetings with client
  • Client understands that the results of any coaching will depend on their ability to take action and to follow the coaching plan to the best of their ability, communicate clearly with the coach and take responsibility for results achieved and the coach can obey facilitate. The responsibility for making the process work is the client’s alone as no one else can do it for them.
  • Client agrees to share with the coach all issues on which clients needs assistance. Client agrees that issues not shared with the coach may not be resolved or may impede the successful achievement of his goals and objectives. Coach agrees to use best efforts to assist client to resolve issues shared with coach and agrees to full confidentiality.
  • Client agrees to coach assigning tasks to be done between session and to fulfil these using his/her best efforts. Client agrees that is tasks are not done the outcome of the coaching cannot be predicted.
  • Client understands that coach is not providing a psychological or medical advise and in no way replace sound treatment from another qualified practitioner such as Medical Doctor or Psychologist. If we cannot help you we will refer you to a qualified person who can.