Our Clinics


Our Centre is divided into 2 services, Primary Health Care Clinics & Wellness Centre, which interlink if you want access to both traditional or complimentary consultations. Consultations vary in a range of ways, at times depending on your needs and reasons for visit our team will use a standardised approach to the consultation just the same as if you were to see your doctor.

Primary Health Care Clinics

Our Primary Health Care Clinics are more traditional clinics and can be accessed either through walk in enquiries or booked appointments. We also offer Outreach Services on request.

To find out more about the services our Primary Health Care Clinics offer click here. 

Wellness Centre

At times our team together with you may decide that there are other complimentary techniques that may be of benefit such.

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Primary Health Care Clinics are mainly bulk billed through Medicare.

Lifestyle series self-improvement (weight loss/smoking cessation – maximum 5 visits including 6 months coaching support ) with money back guarantee*

  *conditions apply

Other individualised packages can be constructed at time of consultation