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Chronic Disease Management


All About A Healthy You offers a wide range of Chronic Disease Management services to help support those living with a chronic disease and illness. 

Research have shown that there are 5 self management skills required to manage your chronic illness

‘…Five self-management skills that form the core of self-management support programs have been identified and tested. The skills include: problem solving, decision making, resource utilization, the patient-provider relationship, and taking action.

Problem-Solving. Instead of solving a problem for a patient or coming up with ideas for solutions, an NP facilitating self-management teaches the patient the problem-solving process; specifically, problem identification and definition, solution options, implementation of a solution, and evaluation.

Decision Making. Patients with chronic health problems are confronted with dozens of decisions that affect their health every day. The outcome of each decision will affect their health, but more importantly, it will affect confidence in their ability to be successful in managing their disease. Tools for decision making are often based on information and can include skills

Resource Utilization. There are many resources available to help patients with self-management of their chronic illnesses. These resources include social support. Coaching the patient to learn to identify, evaluate, and use these resources is a component of self-management support.

The Patient – Provider Relationship. Is built on working together collaboratively with mutual trust and rapport.

Taking Action. The previous 4 skills are of no value if patients cannot take action to improve their health on a regular basis. Taking action involves readiness to change, sufficient information, goal setting, and ongoing support for change. In addition, there is some evidence that provider style has an impact on patient self-management. For effective self-management, the patient needs to believe that the channels of communication with the healthcare provider are open, that they can inform their provider of any changes in their health or life situations that influence their health, and that they can make decisions related to their health in a collaborative manner…’

Chronic Disease Management

(Kathryn Fiandt Advanced Practice Nursing Journal 2006)


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